2010 CMS Implementation

Project Summary

Undergraduate Studies in Earthquake Information Technology (USEIT) is an undergraduate research internship that is managed by the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) at the University of Southern California. A group of diverse undergraduate students from all over the nation are chosen each year to work as a team to complete a “Grand Challenge.”  The 2010 Grand Challenge was to develop a Seismic Crisis Visualization System using the Southern California Earthquake Center Virtual Display of Objects (SCEC-VDO) to display information needed for operational earthquake forecasting.  Using an open source content management system called Drupal, the Content Management System (CMS) Implementation Team was able to deliver resources to an array of audiences. As a part of the CMS Implementation Team, our goal was to continue adding content to the already existing USEITwebsite which can be accessed at http://scec.usc.edu/internships/useit/. One of the features created this year was a progress tracker that informs SCEC’s staff and interns on each of the group’s progress, goals, tasks, and notes throughout the Grand Challenge. To further our contribution to the Grand Challenge, the CMS Implementation Team was responsible for collaborating with the remaining groups and delivering the content to a broad array of audiences. Collectively gathering SCEC-VDO animations created by the SCEC-VDO Production Team and scientific research information from the Science Research Team gave us the opportunity to create a seismic event page that discusses operational earthquake forecasting and information explaining probabilistic earthquake forecasting. Collaborative efforts with the SCEC-VDO Development Team resulted in developing the ability to live stream the Real-time Earthquake Plug-in. The USEIT intern site is constantly being updated with the ambitions to become a more resourceful site for the general public.   

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08/06/2010 Earthquakes page. CMS Feature
08/06/2010 2010 CMS Final Prensentation Presentation
08/06/2010 Forecasting Earthquakes page CMS Feature
07/29/2010 Live Stream of the Real-time earthquake plug-in CMS Feature
07/12/2010 Progress Tracker/Chart CMS Feature