2010 SCEC-VDO Production

Project Summary

The “Grand Challenge” for the 2010 Undergraduate Studies in Earthquake Information Technology (USEIT) intern class was to develop a Seismic Crisis Visualization System based on Southern California Earthquake Center - Virtual Display of Objects (SCEC-VDO) that can display information needed for operational earthquake forecasting.  This includes displaying seismic sequences in real time, kinematic fault rupture models, and probabilities of ruptures on earthquake faults.  The Production Team incorporated the above information into animations using SCEC-VDO to be delivered to a wide variety of audiences and organizations.  Another responsibility of the Production Team was to work closely with the Development Team to report any bugs with the SCEC-VDO software, test new plug-ins, and identify where existing functionality needed to be improved.  The Production Team also collaborated with the Science Research Team to learn about the topics to be displayed in their animations and with the Content Management Team to assemble metadata and publish animations. The Production Team made animations about the 2010 El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake sequence using relocated hypocenter data from Dr. Egill Hauksson at Caltech to depict the northward trend of triggered events.  Animations were also created using new plug-ins to demonstrate how CyberShake’s theoretical earthquakes would affect the Los Angeles area and to show UCERF participation probabilities on the important faults in Southern California.  In addition to those accomplishments, the Production Team also created SCEC-VDO tutorials so that future interns and other users would know how to use the software and the new plug-ins.  

Project Poster